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Are you looking for services to help you publish your manuscript without signing a contract?

iPub Global offers editing, visual design, and marketing services, specifically for Nonfiction manuscripts, to help independent authors shape their narratives into bestsellers. Always remember, you have already done the hard part: writing the manuscript. The steps after the words “The End” have been typed can be overwhelming and make or break a brilliant book, but we can help.

As there are many steps to the publishing process and definitions for those steps, we will break down the process by consecutive order and then commonly referenced services to promote simplicity and ease of understanding.

You have completed your book; now what?

Independent à la carte Services:


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Assessment Edit
Provides feedback on the structure of your book and pinpoints what editorial points are needed.

Developmental Editing
Takes a third-person perspective at the larger structure of your book: chronological cohesion, themes, tone, and accuracy. Developmental meets the large picture before addressing the details of each sentence.

Content Editing
Moves away from the content structure and onto the content itself.

  • Run-on sentences
  • Word repetition
  • Sentence length
  • Misuse of words
  • Excessive use of adjectives and adverbs
  • Use of language that isn’t a good fit for your audience
  • Confusing text

Detailed, fine-toothed-comb edit. Typo-hunters.

  • Spelling, syntax, grammatical, punctuation, and hyphenation errors
  • Caption errors
  • Misnumbered lists
  • Inaccurate facts and figures
  • Misplaced or incorrect graphical elements

Copy Editing
Exists to ensure that the rules of grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, and style are followed. Copyeditors either work with the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook but know both equally.

  • Grammar rules
  • Syntax rules
  • Capitalization rules
  • Punctuation rules
  • Hyphenation rules
  • Spelling
  • Incorrect use of numerals
  • Accuracy of quoted facts or data
  • Accuracy of internal and external references


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Typography, Visual, and Formatting
Typography: Where font meets tone
Visual: Placement and quality of pictures and illustrations
Long-Form Formatting: Margins conforming to book size or digital standards, gutter, headers, footers, page numbers, paragraph form, style template development, footnotes or endnotes, indexes, and appendixes.


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Cover Design: Our designers and graphic illustrators provide graphics in PNG, PDF, and INDD. Our covers are accepted on any publishing platform.

Interior Graphic Illustration: For partial and fully illustrated books, we can help find a style that speaks to you and your work.

Marketing Subscriptions

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MARKETING PACKAGES: Marketing and PR should happen in phases throughout your publishing process. You choose how much assistance you would like by selecting the package that’s right for you.

  1. From the Beginning: Take advantage of interactive surveys, social media posts, and email announcements during the editing process. We also provide access to Beta Readers to assist with the process. Build your SEO: Remember that every artist is their own brand, and every brand deserves validation and flattery.
  2. Before release: Line up reviewers with early release copies and create and release Press Releases for reviews and events. (Yes, your manuscript will be ready for publication weeks before its release date.)
  3. After release: Monitor your analytics and maintain communication with your audience (word of mouth has always been your best marketing tool), chase and share your reviews, and work on your SEM: strategic paid advertisements.

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