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Are you looking for services to help you publish your manuscript without signing a contract?

iPub Global offers editing, visual design, and marketing services, specifically for Nonfiction manuscripts, to help independent authors shape their narratives into bestsellers. Always remember, you have already done the hard part: writing the manuscript. The steps after the words “The End” have been typed can be overwhelming and make or break a brilliant book, but we can help.

Nonfiction Submission – From Concept to Contract

Submission Requirements: Polishing Your Manuscript to Impress Any Literary Agent or Acquisition Editor

Thank you for considering iPub to publish your work. Currently, we are accepting unsolicited manuscripts that meet our genre expectations. We are looking for bright minds who want to be part of a better tomorrow. Have you written a nonfiction piece that speaks to philosophically making the world a better place? Are you interested in global ethics, interfaith relationships, or secular humanism?