Opinion pieces that invite open dialogue, with consideration for the past and hope for the future. 

We are adding voices to our community who have seen limitations (whether self-imposed, environmentally inflicted, or executed by society) and want to share their path to growing beyond those restrictions. The evolution of success is found in seeing where one wants to go and then recognizing one’s ability to build unique pathways to get there. We see those builders as the future, making choices with clarity of mind, sharing their losses, and embracing their successes so that others can see- “It is Possible!”

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“The Wonderful Tale of Donkey Skin” A Review

A review of the upcoming “The Wonderful Tale of Donkey Skin” by Dr. Fawzia Mai Tung. The first in the “May Fairy” series, this book was written for the middle grade reluctant reader in mind. This cross between oral storytelling and graphic novel solves problems these children have with picture and chapter books and will…

The Rationale for: A Catholic Worldview Today (Working Title)

Announcing a new book by Joseph Stoutzenberger, Ph.D.: “A Catholic Worldview Today” (working title). It ties the hidden wisdom of Catholicism to larger cultural contexts in the clear and conversational tone Stoutzenberger’s previous works are known for. Expected publication in May.

Will Religious Literacy Decrease Polarization?

Originally posted as “How much do Americans know about the faiths around them?” on RNS. The author discusses the results of a recent Pew Foundation study. Participants were asked to gauge how much they know about various religions. Reflections on the study’s results and potential impact on polarization in the United States are shared.

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