Our Story

iPub Global Connection LLC

A Hybrid Boutique Publishing House


With every book we publish, we help someone somewhere. The house, our team, our authors, our contributors, our community, and everyone else in between – With consideration for yesterday, and hope for tomorrow, IT IS POSSIBLE to make a difference!

iPub Global Connection LLC is the brainchild of Sandi Billingslea. Originally built to showcase the distinguished academic library of works by Sandi’s brother Professor Leonard Swidler, close to a decade later, iPub Global has grown into so much more.

As a boutique publisher, we have specialized in Non-fiction scholarly works, such as philosophical exploration and inter-religious dialogue. In 2021, we were proud to branch out into autobiographies, memoirs, and even children’s books, all written by those whose lives have greatly benefitted the world around them through imagination, education, philosophy, ethics, and diplomacy. Through our growth, our mission has remained the same as day one, to create a company that promotes the brilliant minds of those who want to share their stories about seeking a better tomorrow.

We are adding voices to our community who have seen limitations (whether self-imposed, environmentally inflicted, or executed by society) and want to share their path to growing beyond those restrictions. The evolution of success is found in seeing where one wants to go and then recognizing one’s ability to build unique pathways to get there. We see those builders as the future, making choices with clarity of mind, sharing their losses, and embracing their successes so that others can see- “It is Possible!”

What is a Boutique Publisher?

Boutique publishing focuses on one genre or concept and provides unparalleled support in bringing that beautiful publication to life. Imagine walking into a quaint store that offers everything one could imagine built around one idea: The foundation of a peaceful global community needs to be welded into place with knowledge, acceptance, adaptation, and growth. The potential merchandise would be extensive and attract wide appeal.

We have a broad taste in Non-Fiction, from memoirs to poetry to children’s books, as long as the message is the same: We are all enriched by showing others the positives of different cultures, philosophies, ways of life, and the acts of building unique pathways toward overcoming our differences and mutual suffrage. This broad concept with fantastic possibilities, delivered with dedicated energy… That is iPub Global Connection.

What is a Hybrid Publisher?

To understand what hybrid publishing is, we must appreciate standard publishing with the large houses vs. their counterpart, vanity publishing.

  • The standard publishing of the large houses provides exceptional editing and production; however, the author does not retain their rights and does not receive royalties that can be translated into a living wage. The author is not the priority; unfortunately, the house’s bottom line will always be their primary concern.
  • The opposite is not smaller houses but vanity presses that charge high rates for services that are usually below industry standards. If any royalties are earned, the press will take a smaller percentage. However, as with all merchandise, the product development and the quality of the published piece will always dictate future reviews and sales, thus affecting the author’s royalty.

Hybrid publishing creates a quality end-product like the large houses by employing experts in the field while also providing higher royalty rates for their authors. Since we are a small publishing house, we seek out and work with trusted contractors who deserve to be paid for their attention to detail in producing the product development that every author’s vision deserves. We ask our authors to be our partners by investing in their published pieces’ quality, thus ensuring their hard work’s success.

  • Fee transparency guaranteed
  • Exceptional editing and production
  • Author input and control are respected
  • Partnership in PR and Marketing
  • Author royalty rates are much higher than the industry standard.