Welcome Rabbi James Rudin

Jim wrote our feature article Four Facts That Will Change Relations Between Christians and Jews in the Next Decade, is a prominent author and pubic speaker, an international pioneer and leader in inter–religious relations, and a 32+ year member of the American Jewish Committee, serving as their Inter-religious Affairs Director. He is also the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Religion ad Judaica at Saint Leo University and teaches at Florida Gulf Coast University Renaissance Academy.

Jim’s latest book, working title Popes, Pastors, and Presidents recounts his story inside the development of Catholic-Jewish dialogue from 1948 – 2021. Until one opens this book, they have no idea of the dedication of one man among the many who has spent his entire career, creating interfaith dialogue and building consensus between Catholics and Jews. This book reads like a ‘who’s who’ in the world of religion and politics.

From Popes to the Presidents, James Rudin, guides you through his life’s work. His intriguing writing style and his personal stories allow the reader to embrace his journey, to be on the inside during negotiations and to feel and be a part of the struggle. He takes the reader inside the Vatican, to Camp David, and other stops around the world.


  1. Most encouraging article by J. Rudin.
    I want to get a COPY of his Book
    Where do I Order?


    • Thank you for your interest. The book will be available early in 2022 and we will add your email to our announcement list. There will be a pre-order opportunity later in the year.


  2. I am looking forward to reading Popes, Pastors, and Presidents when it becomes available. Rabbi Rudin’s “journey” over the years is unparalleled. I’ve read several of his books and essays.


    • We’re still sure about the title quite yet. We have received some feedback that that has sent us back to the drawing board. We thank you for your comment and welcome your ideas!


    • Thanks, Gene. You’re next! You are a fabulous writer and readers need all of the inspiration and encouragement right now that It’s Possible to make changes for the better. Your sense of humor is also always appreciated, too.


  3. WE need a lot more of these thoughts and words to heal our world through trust and dialogue.


    • Thanks Greg! You sure are correct and Rabbi James Rudin’s words give us hope for our shared future!


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