Spotlight on Organizations That Promote Dialogue: One Small Step

iPub Forum

March 27, 2022

On January 9, 2022, CBS’s long-running, award winning news magazine, 60 Minutes, featured a story on a program called “One Small Step” run by StoryCorps, an organization founded to record and archive stories of everyday people. One small step is described as an “initiative bringing strangers from opposite sides of the political spectrum together for face-to-face conversation, [and] is gaining recognition as an antidote to increasing political polarization across the country.” (Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Jan. 10, 2022) Here at iPub Global Connections, we laud the efforts of StoryCorp to create these moments of dialogue and show the “It’s Possible!” spirit to create positive change in our increasingly divided and combative world.

Anyone can get involved in this program. To do that just go to StoryCorps’ website to sign up!

If you would like to view the 60 Minutes segment about One Small Step, it is available on Paramount’s streaming service.

iPub Global Connections publishes books and articles about dialogue and global ethics. Our newest book, The People in the Room: Rabbis, Nuns, Pastors, Popes, and Presidents, details the life of author Rabbi James Rudin and his work in interfaith dialogue among political leaders and leaders of Christian churches and of the Jewish faith.

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