Circle of Life

Photo credit: The Universe Cracks Open Bringing New Life: Chaos, then Destruction, Creation, or Both? by Jennifer Elam, Copyright 2021 Way Opens Press.


Dr. Jennifer Elam

In the Circle of Life, opposites meet and mean the same…
in that place where opposites meet, tension is,
tension brings Destruction, Creation, or both,
destructing old places and in the Light or Darkness bringing the new.

As Opposites meet, Light flows, Spirit comes
which Spirit do we embrace here?

the Far Left meets the Far Right…
Black meets White…
Red meets Blue…
Good meets Evil;
Correct meets Wrong, even Harm;
Transparency meets Invisibility.

Us “Hillbillies” meet the rest of the world.

In knowing theirs is the ONLY Correct way,
the story forgets how to dance;
Souls shatter, and Countries destruct or become new.

How does the story get unstuck?
How does the story remember how to dance,
Destruction or Creation to go forward?

Destruction calls for Only Correctness
to meet the “Othered” Only Correctness, and both are harmed,
Players selling their souls.
The Angels of Our Braver Selves enter and
Creation calls for core values of each side to Meet and Dance,
Meet and Dance in Love, knowing both are Correct,
both have a place in God’s Choir.
Opposites Dance
As Opposites dance, Light, Sweat, Messy
and Spirit may enter, and the colors change.
They see each other more clearly,
changing the Invisibility of each to Transparency,
seeing the Soul, as God intended each soul to be seen,
appreciated and valued in the Wholeness,
Life meets Death, and Resurrection comes,
includes a place for Left and Right, Black and White,
Red and Blue, Right and “Othered” Right…
And even hillbillies…
We remember our common humanity, our connected souls,
And that memory saves us in our togetherness, our oneness,
Our Love, our equality, our freedom to be who we are,
Connected beyond the many identities that are tearing us apart.

Wholeness plus Love dances to Harmony, then
Harmony can bring true Unity.

All God’s Children, Chillun, Brats, and Critters Got a Place in the Choir.

All artwork created and graciously shared by Dr. Jennifer Elam

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