Amendment to Your Clearance

My Realization

Recent years have been a confusing time for me as the realization of aging increasingly whispers in my ear, like a gnat buzzing constantly, that I am, in fact, becoming “as old as dirt”!

You might think that this is a well known fact. It’s an easy issue to suppress at 40, 50 or even 60, but when everyone around you is younger, you realize that their “algorithms of thought” are quite different because the idea of mortality can still be submerged in the rationalization of “not me”!  This is not so as you enter your seventies and eighties!

Forget all of the advances in technology, geography, medicine, travel modes, internet, GPS, and communication. The real changes are in people.  We are simply one species on this planet with a lifespan with the same proportionality as that of a “fruit fly to a day”…We are born…we live…and we die.  Birth and death are “givens”; that is, we can’t do much a different style when coming or going out of this short human life.  It’s the “we live” element that has impact even after several millennia!

So, how can I live my life so that “my small drop of water that falls into the expansive ocean of humanity” has purpose?  What can I do that will take our species one microscopically small step for the better a thousand years from now; that is, if we still manage to survive the chaos of Modernity?

Our Opportunities

Every single person in this “human family”, poor or rich, homeless or wealthy, religious or not, has the same opportunity to advance or regress the emotional intelligence of our species through very small acts of kindness.  You can hate or love, cheat or enrich, plunder or build, care or disregard. Each and every minuscule act enriches or degrades our species ability to coexist and thus determine the probability of our survival.  So, eventually that one little insignificant act can help us prosper or self-destruct…affecting not just our grandchildren but our “great-times a thousand” generations of grandchildren beyond where we can even imagine with our time-constrained ideas of their future.

We can act honestly, with integrity and truth as our guide lines, with sincere gratitude and reverence for others and our human births, with complementary intention and motivation to help those not so fortunate, without lies and deceit in our quiver, with generosity and compassion as stepping stones, without aggression and anger for those who differ from our own ideals and beliefs, and with an open heart to dialogue and communicate for a peaceful world…awaken and get out of the Twilight Zone!

The Buzzing in My Ear

I certainly would not have thought, nor been able to write down these thoughts as the younger man that I once was (and still am at heart). But the “buzzing in my ear” has had the effect of creating an awareness of and understanding that the current turmoil in our world is only a “by product” of the way we have begun to treat each other since the beginning of the military/industrial revolution and has become the antithesis of what this “tome” is trying to transmit to the reader.

Picard would say “Make it so” but, relating to our current political and moral shortfalls, we have not even scratched the surface of our unawareness. The answer to our current “American dilemma” has to begin with ourselves as ambassadors of truth, morality, generosity, kindness. We have to have courage to appeal to and awaken our leaders in politics, education, and business, emphasizing that fear will not “make America great again”. Rather it will only destroy our trust in one another. In the end, it’s only when “my small drop of water falls into the expansive ocean of humanity” that change will save this country.