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Searching–Finding/Not-Finding–Still Searching:

I don’t know: If there is “Something” out there that is so super wonderful, but reveals Her/His/It/ self only to a rather select few, “It” doesn’t seem to be even as loving as I am—and I have many shortcomings in that category.

Maybe there is a sort of Alpha/Omega that is evolving into an ever “greater” Existence (not in the quantitative sense, but qualitative), an infinitely ahead of me/us Source/Goal of all Being, Energy, Power, Consciousness…?

However, why don’t we rather each, individually and together, live as intensely as possible to make ourselves, personally and communally, as loving as possible. For my part, rather than looking “over there,” I prefer to put out my hand and heart to the ones I can reach, touch, somehow.

Yin and Yang Dialogos:

In my youth, in the monastery, and afterward, I strove mightily to attain some inner taste of that Alpha/Omega. I am no longer excited by the prospect of grasping/being-grasped-by Being/Goodness/Truth/Beauty. Rather, I am content with each moment being the recipient of all the (lower case) being, truth, beauty, goodness in the now increasingly touchable global being. I embrace the persons I meet and engage, both those in front of me, and those also truly present to me via the internet, and whatever else is being developed in the coming cascade of ever more rapidly new means to embrace each other in love: Philia, Agape, and Eros—each in their individually profound ways.

Agape!  Len Swidler

January 25, 2020


Comment from a Friend:

I don’t know. But I feel there is Being out there and here—super wonderful, who reveals Her/Himself to all beings capable of loving. She/He seems to be much more loving than I am since Love is what He/She is. She/He is the Source of all Being who says, “I am who I am.” When I embrace the persons I meet and engage those in front of me, I somehow touch and feel Alpha/Omega that is all loving. I enter into Being, Agape, Philia, Eros. I can sing, dance, shout, praise, thank…. with the whole universe.   Agape!

Friend  January 26, 2020

Professor Leonard Swidler founded the Dialogue Institute and is a long standing faculty member of the Temple University Department of Religion (TUDOR). Read about the TUDOR in Breakthrough to Dialogue:The Story of the Temple University Department of Religion.


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